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Alapuzha - Majour Tourism Spot :

Pathiramanal :-

Apart from the beautiful lake shore of the Vembanadu Lake the small island Pathiramanal is the main tourist sport in muhamma. Pathiramanal is an island in the Vembanadu Lake. It is an eco friendly tourist center. It is accessable by boat from Alappuzha. Kayippuram jetty is just about 2km east of the Kayippuram junction on the Alappuzha - Thannirmukkam road.This is an exquisite piece of land just a few kilometers off Alappuzha. A trip to the place would be your chance to observe several exotic species of birds that fly in from far and wide.

Alapuzha Beach :-

A popular picnic spot, the Alappuzha beach is located near to the Alappuzha town. The pier, which extends into the sea here, is over 137 years old. One of the great fascinations for the visitors here is the nearby lighthouse and entertainment facility at the Vijaya Beach Park.The park offers boating facilities and a children’s park with toy train and bicycles.

Kuttanad :-

The Kuttanad region in Alappuzha district is named the ‘rice bowl of Kerala’ for its picturesque expanse of paddy cultivation which forms the main source of the famous ‘boiled rice’ of the state. As a tourist destination, it holds some geographical peculiarities. It is a vast area of partly reclaimed land, covered with the bright green paddy fields, separated by dykes. The unique feature about paddy cultivation in Kuttanad is that the level of water is a few feet higher than the level of the surrounding land. It's the area with the lowest altitude in India, and one of the few places in the world where farming is carried out below sea level. The place is an amazing labyrinth of shimmering waterways composed of lakes, canals, rivers and rivulets. Lined with dense tropical greenery, it offers a glimpse into the rural life-styles of Kerala. Kuttanad is a backwater paradise and an ideal destination for a backwater cruise in Kerala. It is possible to drift along in a houseboat and enjoy the scenic view of the Kerala countryside.

Sea View Park :-

For those who love enjoying themselves by water, the Sea View Park is a place to visit while in Alappuzha. The park has a swimming pool and offers boating facilities.


Ambalapuzha Temple :-

The beautiful temple was built in 800 A.D. and the best of the workers were called to design the srchitect of the temple.An idol of Sri Krishna in black granite stone was carved out for installation.The Lord Parthsarathy idol was duly installed in the temple at a propitious time on Thiruvonam day in Mithunam in 1613 A.D.The ancient Sree Krishna Temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna is situated 8 miles south of Alappuzha. 

Chettikulangara Bhagawathy Temple :-

any followers of the theory of Kerala’s genesis by Parasurama firmly believe that he had established 108 Durga temples, 108 Siva temples, numerous Sasthatemples, besides 108 Kalaris (place to learn traditional martial arts in front of the deity), Sakthi Kendras etc. Besides he had established five Ambalayas. Jagadambika of Chettikulangara, the Goddess of Oodanadu, is among the five Ambalayams. Though enough historical evidences and authentic study materials are not available to support, it is believed that this temple dates back to more than1200 years.

Mannarshala Temple :-

Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple is a very ancient and internationally-known centre of pilgrimage for the devotees of serpent gods. One of the rarest temples in the world where serpent deities are worshipped, particularly by woman priests. A fine example of eco-friendly existence. The Mannarashala temple is located about three kilometers to the south-east of the bus station in N.H.47 at Haripad, in Alleppey district of Kerala. Haripad, a culturally renowned ancient town with prominent role in the history of Central Travancore, is rich with its exquisite green paddy fields, towering coconut palms and serene atmosphere of the adjacent hamlets. Now Haripad is a well-developed town with enough civic infrastructures like shopping complexes, hotels & lodges, educational institutions and hospitals. .

Arthunkal Chruch :-

St Sebastian Church is an important pilgrimage for Christian community in the whole of Kerala. Most significantly, St Sebastian Church, as called locally, is the largest church in entire Kerala. Officially, the church is called as St. Andrew`s Forane Church at Arthunkal. Distinguished with a unique history of belief, tolerance and brotherly love, the Arthunkal Church has a miraculous effect on its followers and people visiting the church.  As per the Church, the statue which is placed inside the shrine behind an altar in the right wing of the new church is the miraculous one transported from Milan. Arthunkal Church is a sacred church that draws thousand of devotees from corners of India and world. Many Christians and non-Christians comprising people suffering of illness and sickness, handicapped and others of similar sufferers such as maimed, or people of special need seek St. Sebastian’s blessing. At the Church can be seen people paying special homage to through crawling on their knees from the beach area to the main Church area. This particular act is also called as “Urulunercha” in Malyalam. St Sebastian’s church observes a virtual sacrifice and offerings in the form of human limbs and gold in front of Lord inside the church.

Chavara Bhavan :-

About 6 km from Alappuzha and accessible only by boat, Chavara Bhavan is the ancestral home of Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Today it is a holy shrine and spiritual resort where thousands of devotees gather for prayers. A 250-year-old historically important beacon of light is preserved here in its original form.

Krishnapuram Palace :-

Forty-seven kilometres from Alappuzha lies Krishnapuram Palace, a rare specimen of the Kerala style of architecture. The palace had been the residence of the rulers of Kayamkulam kingdom. It was renovated some time in the 18th century and is complete with gabled roofs, narrow corridors and dormer windows. The

palace has been declared a protected monument by the department of archaeology. One of the most fascinating exhibits here is the 49 sq. metre Gajendra Moksham, the largest single band of mural painting discovered in Kerala. The other attractions include a beautifully landscaped garden in the palace compound and a newly erected Buddha mandapam, where a statue of the Buddha is housed.

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