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Varkala is very popular for its Tourist Attractions. There is a never ending list for Tourist Attractions in Varkala in Kerala in India.You will find so many Tourist Attractions attractions in Varkala.All of these Varkala Tourist Attractions in Kerala in India are the center of attractions of the Varkala that makes this Varkala in Kerala as one of the top tourist cities of India.

Kappil Lake In Varkala

Kerala has been the tourist place from many years and has many attractions with natural beauty. As you know the beaches of the Kerala make it beauty expressible. In the north of the Kerala around six kilometers or you can say 3.75 miles from Varkala, the Kappil Lake is located. It is the big tourist attractions in Varkala. The beauty of the place can easily be seen on the net, and it attracts people from the corners of the world. The bridge over the Kappil Lake in Varkala is very vantage point to see the water of the lake. The tourism board of the Kerala has developed many parts of the lake, and now it has become the very famous lake in the Varkala.

Lighthouse In Varkala

Varkala in the Kerala has many attractions. As it has the beautiful beaches and surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Lighthouse is one of the major attractions of Varkala. Lighthouse in Varkala is the very beautiful place. It is located and far six kilometer

Nature Care Center In Varkala

Kerala has the natural beauty. However; it has many Natural care centers in Varkala. Kerala beach is also called the Nature care center in Varkala. Most of the people like to have a massage for the relaxation of the body

Papanasam Beach In Varkala

Papanasam Beach in Varkala is 15 kilometers away from Trivantapuram. Papanasam Beach is supposed to be the holy beach. It is the beach where people have the holy dip in the beach and believe that they are innocent as in the period of child.

Sivagiri Mautt In Varkala

Kerala no doubt is a wonderful place for picnics and have so many attractions in Varkala. Varkala is the place of tourist pilgrims’ centres where you can have lots of things to see. From different countries visitors come to see the State of Kerala

Thiruvambady Beach In Varkala

In the major attractions of Varkala Thiruvambady Beach is one of the popular beaches of Varkala. Thiruvambady Beach in Varkala is located far from the Papanasam cliffs and twenty kilometers away from the outstanding and magnificent Thiruvambady.

Varkala Tunnel In Varkala

Varkala has emerged like a hot place or destination in Kerala. There are many momentous for visitors and tourists. These are the attractions for those who intend to spend their time at the beaches in Kerala. Kerala and many other places have been

Anjeno fort

Anjeno fort in Varkala is the ancient monument and has its own story. Varkala has many tourist attractions and the Anjeno Fort is one of the best forts of Varkala. People like these tourist attractions in Varkala and thousand of the tourists visit it every year. People know very well that these forts were made for security purpose. At the foot of beaches, Anjeno Fort is located. Visiting the Varkala you can explore many things related to this fort.

Janardhana Temple

Janardhana Temple in Varkala is the tribute to the Kerala State. The temple is located on the steep and high hill. This is a very famous temple of Varkala people come here to visit also prayer. The temple has major tourist attractions in Varkala. The Janardhana Temple is supposed to be around 2000 years old. And became popular not among the worshipers of Varkala even around the world as well. Janardhana Temple in Varkala is dedicated to Bhagwan Lord Vishnu. The temple has a charm and good trendy architecture of South India. The building has the red tiled and colorful roof with the main shrine.


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