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:: About Chellarkovil ecotourism

Chellarkovil ecotourism is a community initiative for a cool, clean and green planet. The project is being implemented in the true spirit of the ecotourism concepts accepted world wide. It’s nature based, ecologically sustainable, imparts education and benefits local people economically. It is managed by the Forest Department, Govt. of Kerala under its Participatory Forest Management Programme.

Ecotourism Programs

The ecotourism activities are envisaged to centre around at Chellarkovil Ecotourism Community centre. This land is vested with the Forest Department, Government of Kerala. Years ago this was an isolated barren land, had a bad reputation to host some anti social elements like smugglers, ‘moon shiners’, poachers etc. In the year 2005, the villagers submitted a project proposal to the Forest Department to constitute an environmental protection committee and got its sanction. After the achievement of basic organizational setup, arranged essential minimum funding from the State Eco tourism and Forest Departments, the project was inaugurated on 5th of May 2008 by the honourable Forest Minister for the State. 

The facilities include a number of huts, a lovely watch tower, path ways, a herbarium of medicinal plants, a tourist amenity centre and an ecoshop. Adhering to the true concept of environment preservation and protection, the project got a head start right from its beginning. Raising the issues of environment protection in a very rural neighbourhood like this resulted to a paradigm shift in the mind set of 



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