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ABHYANGAM:- Shiro Abyangam involves the application of medicated oils on the head.
Benefits include improvements in memory, relief, of tension and relaxation of mind,lustrous
hair,eyesight and good concentration.

Abhyanga is also done for the body with oil application and massage.It improves circulation
muscle tone and eliminates impurities from the body through the skins pores and the skin is eft feeling soft,smooth and rejuvenated.

SHIRODHARA:- The continuous pouring of herbal oils/milk/ghee over the head and scalp
helps to increase the supply of oxygen to the brain there by stimulating the nervous system. It is a proven mental relaxation and improves memory.

PODIKIZHI:- This treatment assists in relieving joint pain muscular pain,stiffness,numbnessdisc problems,arthritis,different paralytic conditions, improves circulation and reduces swelling.

KATI VASTHI:- Helpfull for lower back problems,prolapsed disks,lumber spondylosis,osteo
porosis,sciatica,chronic back ache,irritable bowel syndrome,endometriosis,urinary tractsand menstrual disorders.

SIROVASTHI:-Helpfull for nerve related problems for insomniadepression,facial paralysis,
severe head ache,dryness of nostrils,mouth and throat illness.

JANUVASTHI:Helpfull in all sorts of knee problems including sprains,ligament tear,meniscal tear and arthritic problems.

GREEVAVASTHI:- Helpfull in all sorts of neck problems,sprains and cervical spondylosis.

HRIDVASTHI:- Helpfull for heart disease,asthma,respiratory diseases and muscular chest

NASYAM:This nasal cleansing treatment through the application of medical oils or powders
stimulates the nerves and brain functions in nerve related problems and assists in smell
perception.Helpfull for cervical spondylosis chronic synasitis nasal conjenstion,throat disea
ses voice con

PICHU :-Helpfull in treating ailments related to nerves ,joints,muscles including migrains,in somnia,arthritis etc:

LEPANAM :- Helpfull in reducing pain associated with inflammatory conditions.

NETRA THARPANAM :-This is an external eye care treatment to help with eye strain,dryness of eyes,poor sight and other eye-related conditions.It streangthens the muscles round the eyes,cools the eyes,oleates the area round the eyes and even helps in improving the distant vision myopia.

NETRA DHARA :-This treatment soothes the eyes in mild eye irritation,conjuctivitis and helps to maintain healthy vision.

UDWARTHANAM :- A stimulating massage that uses dry powders (not oil) ,udwarthanam is vigorous and energizing.Its usefull for those who want to lose weight as it helps promote better digestion,reduces cholestarol levels and adipose tissue,removes toxins and exfoliates surface skins cells in cellulitis and hemiplegia.

THALAM :-Helpfull in reducing body heat ,in migraine,insomnia,etc.

THALA POTHICHIL:- This treatment reduces the body heat and insures sound sleep.It helps in reducing the temperament in mental patients and is usefull in psoriasis management alopecia,hairfall,etc

THAILA DHARA :-Help full in nervous disorders, stress related problems, maigraine,insomnia,maintaining healthy vision,mental and psychological well being.

THAKRA DHARA :- This treatment cools the body by reducing body heat and maintains the mental and psychological well being.Help full in the treatment of sleeping disorders,stress, chronic skin diseases life psoriasis,head aches, diabetes related problems and to maintain healthy vision.

DHANYAMLA DHARA :-This treatment removes pain, swelling in the joints and muscles reduces generalized water retention in the body,promotes perspiration,detoxifies joints and muscles resulting in improved joint mobility relieves heaviness of the body.

PIZHICHIL:-This treatment is helpfull innervousdisorders,osteoarthritis,cervical and lumber spondylosis,disc problems,joint pains,paralytic conditions,muscle weaknesses etc.It tones upthe skin preventing scales and wrinkles from appearing.strains etc.

NJAVARKIZHI:-On application of the ' kizhi (Herbal bundle) over the body the heat induces sweating and assists in relieving pain and stiffness in the neck and joints.This treatment nourishes the the skin improves the skin,improves muscle tone,mobility,blood circulation and it is immensely helpful for rheumatism and arthritis.