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Varkala Railway Station is well connected to the rest of the state and arriving by train from Kochi and Trivandrum is the best option. Most of the trains in this route pass through the Varkala station. Trains are comfortable and tickets are reasonable. Tickets costs differ according to the place. Non A/C compartments from Cochin cost around Rs 200. Auto Rickshaws are available from the station to the city.

Starting Station Train Arrival at Varkala Service Days
Bangalore (SBC)  Kanyakumari Exp 2:04 PM All Days
1 more train -16526 (duration: 16h 24m)
Chennai (MAS)  Trivandrum Exp 6:28 AM All Days
1 more train -12695 (duration: 15h 3m)
  Trivandrum Mail 10:23 AM All Days
  -12623 (duration: 14h 38m)
Delhi (NDLS) Kerala Express 1:23 PM All Days
-12626 (duration: 49h 53m)
Mumbai (CSTM)  Trivandram Exp 2:53 AM Mon
1 more train -16331 (duration: 38h 48m)
  Kanyakumari Exp 8:58 AM All Days
  -16381 (duration: 41h 13m)
Chennai Egmore (MS) Ms Guruvayur Ex 12:19 AM All Days
-16127 (duration: 16h 29m)
Dadar(DR) (DR)  Dr Kochuveli Sp 9:48 PM Sat
2 more trains -1067 (duration: 33h 3m)
Ernakulam (ERS)  Vanchinad Exp 8:33 AM All Days
18 more trains -16303 (duration: 3h 33m)
  Trivandm Exp 9:18 AM All Days
  -16341 (duration: 3h 28m)
Guruvayur (GUV) Guv Chennai Exp 2:34 AM All Days
-16128 (duration: 5h 44m)
Hyderabad Decan (HYB) Sabari Exp 5:54 PM All Days
-17230 (duration: 29h 54m)
Kanyakumari (CAPE) Cape Mumbai Exp 8:44 AM All Days
-16382 (duration: 3h 14m)
Bangalore Exp 1:34 PM All Days
-16525 (duration: 3h 4m)
Kollam (QLN)  Madurai Passr 6:44 PM All Days
20 more trains -56701 (duration: 0h 39m)
Kozhikode (CLT)  Jan Shatabdi 8:04 PM All Days
6 more trains -12075 (duration: 6h 29m)
Madurai (MDU)  Quilon Pass 8:02 AM All Days
1 more train -56700 (duration: 9h 17m)
Mangalore Cntl (MAQ)  Trivandrum Exp 3:54 AM All Days
3 more trains -16348 (duration: 13h 24m)
  Maveli Express 6:09 AM All Days
  -16603 (duration: 12h 29m)
Nagercoil (NCJ)  Ernad Express 4:18 AM Mon, Wed & Fri
4 more trains -16606 (duration: 2h 18m)
  Gurudev Express 4:34 PM Sun
  -12659 (duration: 1h 59m)
Palghat (PGTN) Amritha Express 5:00 AM All Days
-16344 (duration: 7h 15m)
Shalimar (SHM) Gurudev Express 7:09 PM Wed
-12660 (duration: 44h 9m)
Shoranur Jn (SRR)  Venad Express 9:03 PM All Days
9 more trains -16301 (duration: 6h 43m)





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